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The Team

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Founder, Executive Chairman

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Armed with nothing more than his creativity and a burning desire to make something of himself, Dato’ PE Tan went from hand-crafting letterboxes to managing one of Malaysian’s longest running outdoor advertising businesses. Today after 30 years in the Malaysian advertising industry, Dato’ PE Tan is an old hand at meeting the current needs of customers, while anticipating future trends. He is also a member of the Malaysia-China Friendship Association, Finance and Investment Bureau; a position which has helped take the company to the  international arena.


When Dato’ PE Tan is not ensuring the smooth operations of the company, you can find him at the golf course where he is an impressive single handicapper. Dato’ PE Tan has also been a member of the Malaysia Rally Team for 18 consecutive years, and he was Malaysia’s top navigator under Team Nissan, Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd.

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Nentze Tan proves the adage by marrying her father’s passionate drive with grounded pragmatism.  Nentze  graduated from the Melbourne Institute Of Technology (RMIT) with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance, and a Post Graduate degree in Software Development. She spent a further 8 years living and working in both Perth and Melbourne, gaining invaluable international experience that would be useful to the family business.


In 2002, Nentze started her career in Malaysia with Artworld Advertising as an Account Executive. Just a year later, she initiated a new line of digital media. In 2004, she assumed leadership of Setia Media, and the company has grown immeasurably since. Nentze is constantly seeking to improve herself, and is a recent graduate of Financial Programme for Senior Executives from the Tsinghua University, Beijing.

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David Tan brings to Setia Media a schooled understanding of the Malaysian advertising industry, along with the innate creativity that is his birthright.  David graduated from Malaysia’s IACT College in  advertising and communications, and cut his teeth as a trainee Marketing Executive  in Super Pages, an industrial guideline Company. In 2007, David joined GREY Worldwide, and was part of the team that won the DiGi Telecommunication Youth, Migrant, Malay Market and Trade Marketing Business.


One of the milestones that David crafted was the infamous Valentine’s Day billboard marriage proposal at the LDP Highway. Beautifully mastermind together with the aid of GREY Kuala Lumpur’s, the marriage proposal rocked the media industry as well as the public, creating massive publicity awareness and it is circulated in blogs around the world. From there, he push his talent forward, combining business and creativity.